Ceramic Art Residency with John

John has been producing ceramics since the age of 12. Almost 30 years later, he has opened up his home studio and his studio at the Montebello Design Centre, in Cape Town, to provide a space for experimentation and innovation.

John's focus in ceramics is on material engineering, and John will facilitate you developing your own unique ceramic technologies and scaling your production. His focus is on "embracing the noble catastrophe" as fertile ground for artworks forging new frontiers.

The residency includes:

  • A private room with ensuite bathroom and access to a communal kitchen in Cape Town, Harfield Village
  • Access to work space in both John's home studio (attached to the accommodation) and his studio at the Montebello Design Centre nearby in Newlands
  • Access to 5 large electric kilns, a top loading kiln and two smaller test kilns
  • Access to a network of world-class ceramicists in Cape Town for networking and collaboration opportunities
  • Exhibition at the Montebello Design Centre at the conclusion of the residency
  • Regular walks and free diving along Cape Town's beaches with John foraging for material and inspiration for your ceramics

You will be asked to:

  • Participate fully in the daily operations and upkeep of studios
  • Lead one workshops on a topic of your choice at the Montebello Design Centre
  • Assist with and interact with visitors and customers at the Montebello Design Centre

The cost:

The costs below are for accommodation, studio access, an exhibition, walks and free diving along Cape Town's beaches, and access to a network of potters in Cape Town. Materials and firing are not included but are charged at standard industry rates.

Six Week Residency: R33,600 (roughly US$2,000)

Three month Residency: R72,000 (roughly US$4,600)

For more information, please email john@johnbauerart.com with "Art Residency Enquiry" in the title. 

To apply for residency, please email john@johnbauerart.com with "Art Residency Application" in the title and include in your email:

  1. The dates that you would ideally like to visit and length of stay
  2. A paragraph on what you would hope to achieve during your residency
  3. The topic of one workshop you would feel happy to lead
  4. A link to your social media profiles
  5. Any other details or questions you feel would be relevant