About The Tiles




John Bauer is inspired by grave goods and ancient civilizations. He visited an enormous number of museums in his youth and was extremely moved by the contribution that ancient crafts people have made to today’s society. While he was deciding what he wanted to do with his life, he decided that occupying the space of craft was one of the most noble pursuits as it is serving the future generations, people who you will never meet, with history and culture.



His tiles can be bought individually, both in-store and online here. With these you can decorate your interiors or exteriors by installing them as kitchen back splashes, bathroom tiles, outdoor showers or a fully tiled wall/ column for added sophistication and style.



John Bauer sells 410mm x 610mm panels that have been manifested together through palms of perfectionists in studio. As well as 3x3 tile panels that can be bought; online, in-store or custom made by you in studio!

Both panel options can be viewed and bought here!

John Bauer’s tiles hold so much variety of design elements that can be played with. Colours ranging from red, yellow, orange and brown, to blue, white and green. Tones ranging from pales to saturated bolds. Imagery ranging from sophisticated abstract patterns to detailed figures. The emotion that can be evoked from the different combinations hold endless possibilities.



Porcelain has the benefit of being one of the most archival materials known to man; acid resistant, UV resistant, heat resistant, their smooth glazing makes them stain resistant and easy to clean, a very durable surface combatting everyday wear and tear, and pigment that won’t fade over time. These strong, durable and impervious tiles are designed in a small format and can be tiled to fill any space, no matter how big or small.